How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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With the right outdoor landscape lighting, you can create a stunning landscape that will beautify your home or business. Not only does this lighting add value to your property, but it can also improve security and create a more inviting atmosphere.

What is Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

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Outdoor landscape lighting is a popular choice for improving the appearance of landscapes. This type of lighting can be used in a variety of settings, from residential to commercial. Many homeowners choose outdoor landscape lighting to help with security and enhance the overall look of their property.

Commercial landscapers often rely on lighting to create an attractive atmosphere for customers and employees. Residential landscapes can also benefit from this, providing an added touch of glamour and refinement to any home.

What are the Benefits of Using Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

Adding Value to Your Property

Landscaping can be a great addition to any property. Not only does it add beauty and function to your home, but it can also add value depending on the location and features of the property. When adding landscape lighting to your property, you can create a great environment that will attract buyers and help you sell your home faster.

Improving Security and Safety

Landscapes can be transformed into inviting areas with the right outdoor landscape lighting. When done correctly, it can help improve security and safety by providing a pathway to illuminate dark areas and deter intruders.

Landscape lighting can also add an atmospheric touch to a property, making it more appealing to visitors. When selecting the right type of landscape lighting for your property, consider the specific needs of your area such as security and safety.

Creating a More Inviting Atmosphere

Outdoor landscape lighting can be a great way to create a more inviting atmosphere indoors or out.

By adding a touch of light to your yard or garden, you can add an extra layer of security and comfort to your surroundings. Not only will you feel safer outside after dark, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the beauty of your garden or yard at any time of day.

What are my Options for Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting can be bought in a variety of styles and colors, and can range in price from inexpensive to very expensive. It is important to consider the type of landscape lighting that will be used before making a purchase. Some types of landscape lighting are best used as accent lights, while other types are more versatile and can be used throughout the entire property.

When selecting outdoor landscape lighting, consider your specific needs and preferences. Some key considerations include:

  • Type of light source
  • Wattage
  • Placement
  • The angle of light
  • Size and shape

Type of Light Source

Many homeowners choose versatile LED lights as their go-to option because they offer superior performance compared to other types of light sources. LED lights offer superior performance in a variety of areas, such as energy savings and longevity. They are also more versatile than other types of light sources, so they can be used in a variety of applications.

Other considerations include:

  • Incandescent: Incandescent lights are the most common type of outdoor light. They provide a warm glow that can add a touch of traditional elegance to your yard.
  • Halogen: Halogen lights are popular among homeowners who want an intense lighting option. They produce a bright, white light that is perfect for areas that need serious illumination, such as walkways and driveways.
  • High-pressure sodium: HPS lights are perfect for large areas or for creating an “elegant glow” in your yard. They emit a soft blue light that is perfect for accenting trees and other landscaping.


Selecting the right wattage is important when choosing outdoor landscape lighting because it will affect the brightness of the light and how long the light will last. The lower the wattage, the brighter the light will be and the shorter the light will last. For most applications, a wattage of 50 to 100 is ideal.

Some key considerations when dealing with wattage include:

  • How much wattage do you need? The higher the wattage, the brighter the light will be.
  • How long will the light last? Higher wattage lights tend to last longer than lower wattage lights.
  • Do you want an all-night light or something that can be turned off during the day? All-night lights are more expensive but can remain on continuously.


Outdoor landscape lighting can add character and atmosphere to any outdoor area. When selecting outdoor landscape lighting, consider where you want to place it. Generally, the closer to a house or other structure the light is placed in, the more difficult it is to control its intensity and direction. Try to place lights in locations that will provide a natural ambience, such as near trees or shrubs.

The Angle of Light

The angle of light is also important when designing outdoor landscape lighting. The angle of light can create a warm or cool feeling, depending on the direction it is coming from. Try to place lights so they cast light in different directions to add interest and variety to your landscape.

Size and Shape

Another consideration when choosing outdoor landscape lighting is the size and shape of the fixture. Generally, smaller fixtures are easier to install than large fixtures. Fixtures with a simple design, such as a round light, are often less expensive than more complex fixtures.

Summing It Up

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your landscape, outdoor landscape lighting is a great option. We hope you have found this guide helpful.

To learn more about outdoor landscape lighting, or to select the perfect fixture for your needs, contact an experienced landscaper in Powder Springs GA today.

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  1. It was really helpful when you said to consider what type of light source you want. My husband and I want to get landscape lighting installed on our property in a couple of weeks so that our outdoor space can be safe whenever we are outside at night. We’ll keep these tips in mind once we hire a professional that can install outdoor lighting for our home!

  2. My husband and I want to add lighting around the path that surrounds our backyard landscape. You made a good point about how simple lighting fixtures are usually more affordable options. We’ll have to find a reputable landscape lighting supplier that offers simple path lighting options to install this month.

  3. It’s great to know that there are lots of styles and colors to choose from when it comes to landscape lighting. I think I wanted warm colors for my front yard and have bright ones in my backyard. It will ensure the security of the back part of our home, since there are no streetlights there.

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